K31-APS CALCULATOR FOR COLD MIX ASPHALT CONCENTRATE – use this calculator to determine how much K31-CAP you will need to manufacture cold mix asphalt without using an expensive asphalt plant.

This calculator will determine how many liters of CAP liquid you will need to manufacture cold mix asphalt yourself. The results are calculated to give results for a 10mm (1/2″) and 20mm (1″) thick layers. Normally 10mm is all it’s needed for most road and resurfacing jobs.

Keep in mind that one 20 foot container has 18 totes (1,000 liters each) of CAP for a total of 18,000 liters of CAP per container load. Always round up your result to the next thousand liters to make a full tote.

Make sure to enter all measurements in meters for the cold mix asphalt projects.

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