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Video Testimonial from

The Marine CB team built this on the spot air field with K31-APS dust control agent for us to land our helicopters for this mission. We are very impressed with the results, for as you can see in the video there is no dust or moving trash flying around. This is crucial to the performance of our equipment and to the success of our mission.
Thank you.

Video Testimonial from
India Government Officials

All of our engineers are super impressed with K31-APS performance for building roads. It is amazing how mixing this product with the soil creates an instant waterproof surface. This is a solution that we have been searching for a long time. Thank you so much to the K31 team for all the assistance.

Video Testimonial from
Ukraine Television News

We are very happy with the results of using K31-APS to build our roads. Even our government engineers are impressed. APS has now been added to the country’s building code for roads because it passed all the rigorous tests with flying colors. We thank K31 Road Engineering for all their support.

Video Testimonial from
Mr. Arthur (Vice-Chairman)

All our hopes, dreams & expectations for our new road have been realized by K31 with all their techniques of soil stabilization with polymers etc.

We look forward to doing more work on our roads.

Video Testimonial from
Mr. Benson (Director)

We embarked on our search for a qualified road contractor to work on our roads and we came up with K31.

I have never seen work of this magnitude, this importance, and this advanced technology of soil stabilizers.

Video Testimonial from
Mr. Michael (Chairman)

We came up with the initiative to use this new technology by K31 for building our roads.

We are getting very positive feedback from all the members of our community for the great road works by K31.

Video Testimonial from
Mr. Tim (Treasurer)

When we discussed our road project with K31 we were happy to hear of the low costs for doing our roads.

I jokingly asked “where were you a year ago? I strongly recommend K31.