Make Cold Mix Asphalt Without an
expensive Asphalt Plant using K31-CAP :

K31-CAP polymer modified cold bitumen allows the small contractor to manufacture cold mix asphalt in any country to sell and without having the huge expense of an asphalt plant.

The concentrate is manufactured in the USA and ships from the USA in 1,000 liter totes. As you can see there is no need for asphalt plants or complicated and expensive equipment. A simple concrete mixer will do just fine.

The cold mix can be used for pothole repair and for building roads as well. It would be a great offer to combine it with the K31-APS stabilized road base. Click Here to see!

The mix ratio is 1 liter of the polymer bitumen concentrate mixed with 25-30kg of 10mm gravel and about 20% coarse sand to cover 1 square meter at 10mm thickness. If you pack it in 30 kg bags as you see in the video below, you can easily sell the bags for a huge profit.

Visit our Calculator page to estimate the amount of K31-CAP needed to build roads and parking lots.

Once mixed with the gravel, the bags have a shelf life of months, even years. This is a great and easy everyday seller for your business.

Take a moment to watch the video below of how you can now manufacture long-lasting and real cold mix asphalt without the huge expense of an asphalt plant:

K31-CAP Cold Mix Asphalt Polymer is specially designed for construction and maintenance of wearing courses. Its paving thickness only requires 1/2 to 3/4 inches. Construction is quick and easy.

K31-CAP cold mix asphalt polymer is an effective preventive maintenance application that seals and waterproofs the surface while correcting minor defects, filling non-working ruts, and improving skid resistance and appearance. The thin surface is an excellent choice for city streets and freeways as well as high traffic volume roads.

K31 polymer-modified cold bitumen formulations and mix designs can be developed to meet a wide range of job requirements using a variety of aggregate types. An alternative to “hot mix asphalt (HMA)”, the term cold mix is derived from the incorporation of liquid asphalt emulsions at ambient temperatures, meaning that no heating is required to render the asphalt workable.

Watch the full K31-CAP presentation video :

Once you become a customer, we will show you the correct way of how to make asphalt.

Traffic. Rainfall. Regular use. They all wreak havoc on the temporary cold mix used in a utility cut reinstatement. But, using the right cold mix can slash the cost of reinstatement—sometimes by as much as 50%. Guaranteed permanent, K31-CAP asphalt is a quick & easy cold mix with the staying power of hot mix.

Seams and joints are perfect. There’s no need to keep returning to repair a flawed cold patch. It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between hot mix and K31-CAP cold asphalt. There’s no wasted material, either. Any leftover K31-CAP asphalt goes back into your stockpile for use on the next project.

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