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K31 Road Engineering

K31-APS Comparison with Terrafirma and GRT Soil Stabilizers

At K31 Road Engineering we get lots of questions from clients asking what makes K31-APS acrylic soil stabilizer better than its competitors.

So we thought it would be a good idea to put K31-APS against two of the popular soil stabilizers on the market. One is cheaper than K31-APS and the other one is more expensive. See how we did below.

You are welcome to download the image by right-clicking on your mouse and hitting “save image as”. For any questions and/or to discuss your project kindly fill out the form on our Contact Page, or send us an email to Thank you for your support and business.

2 Responses

  1. I’m from Sierra Leone. Please help me with information about your product as against Terrafirma product.
    Why should I choose K31APS and not the other TWO?

    1. David, we don’t like to talk bad about other products. We’ll just say that K31-APS can’t be compared to the other products you have mentioned, this is a military-grade product that outperforms most other products in the market. If you have a project in mind kindly email and he will assist you. Thank you.

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