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K31 Road Engineering

K31 Road Engineering expands eco-friendly approach into the United Arab Emirates

K31 Road Engineering expands eco-friendly approach into United Arab Emirates

K31 Road Engineering, the original manufacturer and global supplier of K31-APS acrylic co-polymer soil stabilizers for road construction and erosion control and dust control, is opening a new division in the United Arab Emirates.

Rainer Piel, K31 Road Engineering’s managing director, explained that the company’s eco-friendly approach to road construction, erosion and dust control benefit local governments, the military and the private sector.

Piel, who was recently profiled in leading trade certification organization, said the UAE contract is for “what is called ‘supply and apply.’ This means that, in this territory, we will not only supply the products; we will also be involved in the complete application to ensure success.”

K31-APS, which is made in the United States, is by far the best soil stabilizer on the market today with proven performance.

Among its features, K31-APS does not dissipate with rain. Heavier concentrations will actually waterproof the treated surface.

K31-APS road stabilization helps governments, explorers, innovators and organizations – both public and private – all across the globe, making their infrastructure and logistical dreams a reality.

K31-APS roads are more robust, resilient and flexible than conventional roads and are just as strong in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions.

The S.A. K31-APS soil stabilization process converts poor-quality soil into a premium construction material. There is no need for cement, lime or any other possible additives or binding agents.

In addition, K31-APS acrylic copolymer soil stabilizer is a military-grade soil stabilizer that is favoured and used by the U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy for more than 15 years.

K31 Road Engineering has solutions to cut costs, increase productivity, reduce equipment utilization and ensure roads are virtually maintenance-free.

From its start of doing projects in Africa, California-based K31 Road Engineering bootstrapped its way into a multi-national company with clients in 46 countries, with branches in 28 of them.

For the original story featured in Highways Today, visit their website here:

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