NOTICE: It has come to our attention that certain unethical individuals and companies have been illegally promoting themselves as having genuine K31 products in several countries.     Do not fall for these scams and do not accept fakes.    To be 100% certain that you are indeed investing in K31 products contact us via email at or by WhatsApp to +1 (949) 438-3969 to confirm your source. For your success!

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K31 Road Engineering

FRAUD ALERT: we are sharing this with all K31 branches and clients.

We have uncovered an ongoing scam of the K31-APS product.

This is the website of a company from Turkey with a very “large” looking website and they claim to manufacture soil stabilizers and other chemicals:

They are offering soil stabilizers for a cheaper price than the competition but take a look at the video they’re sending new customers to demonstrate their product’s strength and their experience in the field.

Yes! This company is a complete FRAUD and they’re using a STOLEN video from the K31 YouTube channel!

This video was posted by K31 in 2017. They covered our logo with theirs on the right side

Check out the original video in our YouTube channel from 2017:

One of our new clients was glorifying what a great product they had found that was cheaper than K31-APS, and this stolen video is what they sent him.

This company from Turkey is selling a fake product and using K31 credibility to mislead clients.

Lesson? Be very careful of “cheap” products claiming to be better than K31-APS. In the end, you get what you pay for.

There is only one genuine K31-APS and we K31 Road Engineering, LLC. are the only ones that manufacture it. 
Get in touch with us today and let’s plan your project together with the real product.

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