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 K31-APS and K31-CAP Endorsed By The Government Of Rwanda

K31-APS and K31-CAP Endorsed By The Government Of Rwanda

Leading providers of road construction solutions, K31 Road Engineering LLC, receives the endorsement of engineers of the Rwandan government to use their products for road-building 

K31 Road Engineering LLC is again looking to conquer new territories as the California-based company recently received an endorsement from the government of Rwanda to use the company’s products for road construction.

According to the government of Rwanda engineers, “this is a great road-building approach by K31 Road Engineering.” The statement is coming following the assessment of the process used by K31 to construct roads.

The road construction market has evolved over the years, leading to the emergence of several companies as well as solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of clients.

The market has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with a recent report by BCC Research putting the value of the global highway, street and bridge construction market at $1.5 trillion in 2017. It was also projected to hit $2.2 trillion by 2022, driven by increasing demand for construction projects, particularly from governments.

Despite the seemingly amazing figures from the industry, many construction companies fail to deliver the desired experience to project owners, especially in the aspects of cost-effectiveness and durability.

However, K31 Engineering has been able to master the art of delivering the best of both worlds to clients, as substantiated by the recent endorsement from the Rwandan government.

The endorsement came after a series of evaluations of the processes used, with a focus on their revolutionary products – the K31-APS vinyl acrylic co-polymer and K31-CAP polymer-modified cold bitumen.

The combination of the products has been identified to ensure the durability of roads, lasting between 11 and 12 years with minimal maintenance. It passed all the rigorous government civil engineering tests, which eventually led to the endorsement by the Rwandan government for the use of the products fo road construction across the industry.

For further information about K31 Road Engineering LLC and the plethora of solutions from the company, visit – https://k31.org/. K31 Road Engineering LLC can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

About K31 Road Engineering LLC

K31 Road Engineering is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of premium road construction products, including the K31-APS vinyl acrylic co-polymer and K31-CAP polymer-modified cold bitumen.

The company has grown to become one of the most sought-after names in the industry, with branches in different parts of the world and clients in about 46 countries.

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