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K31 Road Engineering

Ukraine Government Approves K31-APS Soil Stabilizer As A Standard Road Construction Material

Leading providers of road construction solutions, K31 Road Engineering, LLC., expand their reach as the Ukraine government approves the usage of their vinyl acrylic co-polymer soil stabilizer and dust control agent.

K31 Road Engineering, LLC. has added another feather to their well-decorated hat as the company conquer more territories worldwide. The K31-APS vinyl acrylic co-polymer soil stabilizer and dust control agent recently passed all the rigorous tests and received approval from the Ukrainian government to be used as a standard product for road construction.

The global road construction industry has evolved over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market. In a related development, a plethora of solutions has emerged to ensure roads are durable and of the highest possible quality.

Unfortunately, many of the available solutions do not effectively address the concerns of users in different aspects. However, K31 Road Engineering has been able to stand out over the years, a claim substantiated by the increasing popularity and acceptance of their K31-APS Vinyl Acrylic Co-polymer Soil Stabilizer.

K31-APS has been widely used in different parts of the world, with its unique soil stabilization and dust control qualities making it the choice of thousands of road construction companies across the globe. The product is designed by a team of highly experienced professionals in international road construction, dust control, and erosion control projects.

The recent addition of Ukraine to the long list of more than 46 countries already using the K31-APS vinyl acrylic co-polymer soil stabilizer as reported by Ukraine TV News further reiterates the position of K31 Road Engineering as a leader in the construction industry.

The approval enables road construction companies in the country to enjoy the versatility of the product as a dust control and erosion control agent for constructing gravel roads, dirt roads, and a host of others.

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About K31 Road Engineering, LLC.

K31 Road Engineering, LLC. is the original manufacturer and global supplier of K31-APS acrylic co-polymer soil stabilizers for road construction and erosion control and dust control as well as the K31-CAP cold polymer-modified bitumen. The company has grown to become a leading international road manufacturer, supplier, and construction consultant, with branches in different parts of the world and clients in 46 countries.

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